The Early Learning Center

Loving to Learn, Learning to Love.

Mission Statement*: The Early Learning Center (ELC) mission is to provide children who attend our center (infants to 5 years, regardless of race, color, national, ethnic or religious origins) with a high-quality, licensed, affordable, and loving early preparatory experience that will help establish a firm foundation for them to thrive educationally, socially, and emotionally.

Philosophy: ELC believes that young children learn best through exploration, discovery, and play in an environment which enhances their natural curiosity and encourages their love of learning.

Curriculum, “Education through Play”: ELC’s chosen curriculum focuses on play as key to unlocking a child’s learning and development.  Play is foundational for all future learning and creative expression, and is believed to be fundamental to a child’s ability make physical, cognitive, lingual, social, emotional, moral, and creative connections about the world.

Learning Environment: ELC provides children with a nurturing, welcoming environment where focused, attentive, and loving caregivers strive to meet each child’s unique emotional and learning needs. Caregivers provide facilitated developmental experiences in a loving, enriching atmosphere where children explore, play, socialize and learn with other children as they grow.

Exercise: ELC’s custom-designed facilities provide children with ample space to stretch their limbs on a daily basis. In nice weather, children enjoy fresh air and sunshine while playing in our large playground area.  When it is too cold, wet or snowy, they enjoy play with balls and scooters, or a good run in our gymnasium.

Snacks: ELC offers healthy snacks.

Chapel: Once a month, children and parents are provided an optional opportunity to enjoy singing songs and learning age-appropriate stories about God during chapel time.

Full-day programs are available year round for children 6 weeks through age 4. Half-day programs are available September through June for children 2 years through age 5. For additional information, please contact the ELC by phone at 410.461.2859 or by email at

*The Early Learning Center is an outreach of Glen Mar United Methodist Church, and development of the young children who attend our center is considered an extension of Glen Mar’s mission, “Praising God, Growing Disciples, Serving the World.”  As we encourage “Loving to Learn” and “Learning to Love” in these children, we serve the community and the future.