Shelby Flinchum <h6>Director</h6>

Shelby Flinchum

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Ms. Shelby is the director at the Early Learning Center. She has been working professionally with children since 2000. Throughout her career, she has worked with children of all ages from infancy through school age. What Ms. Shelby loves most about working with children is their love of learning and their need to explore. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children (Payg and Mason) and her dogs. Her family loves spending time at the beach, hiking, watching foot ...

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Kim Brosmer <h6>Administrative Assistant</h6>

Kim Brosmer
Administrative Assistant

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Ms. Kim has been working with children of a variety of ages for over 30 years and joined our team in 2015. Ms. Kim likes Glen Mar because of the wonderful students and nurturing teachers. When she is not working, Ms. Kim enjoys cooking, exercising and spending time with her family. ...

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Becky Bush <h6>Bookkeeper</h6>

Becky Bush

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Becky has been a professional bookkeeper for 27 years and joined our team in 2016. Ms. Becky loves working in such a positive environment. Seeing the children smiling and waving hello and goodbye as they pass the office brings great joy to her heart. During her free time, Ms. Becky enjoys landscaping and vegetable gardening, as well as feeding many species of wild birds and a herd of deer who come onto her property on a daily basis. She also loves spending time with her husband Chris, and her do ...

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